Mironins is an adventure-filled animation series starring three tiny paint drops – Ro, Low and Blu – who have escaped from one of Joan Miró’s paintings. They've managed to leave the dark and boring storage room where they used to live and go to the museum’s exhibitions. Because if there’s one thing the Mironins know for sure is that art is meant to be admired!

Every evening, when the museum closes, the Mironins make themselves at home in a new work of art and live a myriad of fun and exciting adventures, while also having to solve unexpected problems, inside and outside the paintings, and overcome obstacles created by unpredictable external elements (and also, most of the times, by themselves), while trying not to be seen by the security guard and the cleaning boy, who work at the museum at night.

Meet the Mironins!



He's cute, sensitive and sweet and he loves to be in the company of others. Blu is like a three-year-old boy and is very much in touch with his own emotions. He can be happy and laugh hysterically one moment and crying like the world is going to end the next. Thankfully, he's very easy to cheer up. Blu is also a bit of a sleepyhead and quite absent-minded - he has a tendency to get lost in the museum. Even though at the beginning Blu can be a bit shy or apprehensive, once he gains some confidence he will give himself wholeheartedly to any situation.


The sharpest of all the Mironins and always ready with a brilliant idea or an adequate solution for every situation. Low is capable and objective. Her way of analyzing reality will help the Mironins avoid and solve many problems, but it will also get them in trouble. Low has an enterprising and critical spirit and often acts as an eight-year-old girl, but she can be quite grumpy too! Low’s distinctive trait, as well as being yellow, are her glasses; without them, she would not be able to see very well.


Ro springs into action before thinking and as a result, sometimes she gets herself into trouble. When it comes to speed, Ro and her roller-skates are second to none! Her physical strength knows no limits and she’s able to lift any object regardless of its weight or size. Ro is anything but shy, she’s always up for fun and games and she always acts like a clown in front of her friends (or anyone for that matter). Ro is not very patient when her friends can’t keep up with her and sometimes can be a bit egocentric, but deep down she has a good heart. She’s like a five-year-old girl: fearless and made of pure, boundless energy!

A transmedia project

Transmedia TV

The TV show

Mironins is an animated TV show consisting of 26 episodes of around 7-minute duration aimed at kids between 3 to 7 years old. A madcap multicoloured journey into the amazing world of art full of humour and fantasy for children to have fun while using their imagination.

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The new museum guides

Using augmented reality, children will have the chance to visit the museum where the Mironins live (the Fundació Joan Miró) and discover the real paintings that inspired their favourite episodes. And they will be able to do so with some very special guides: the Mironins.

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Mironins Video game

We will produce an interactive game titled “The Challenges of Art” that will be directly linked to the series’ storylines. The game will inspire children, foster their imagination and turn artistic and creative practice into one of the most fun and constructive activities in their daily lives.

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Mironins ArtLab

A series of art workshops aimed at children and organised in collaboration with museums, schools, libraries, and bookshops. The activities will allow kids to experiment with a variety of art techniques and become little creators with the help of the Mironins themselves and various guest artists. 

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Mironins Book

“Mironins. A book to play and learn with Joan Miró”, printed by publishing house Gustavo Gili – is available in five languages in a variety of bookshops, for example at the Fundació Joan Miró, at the Museo Reina Sofia or at La Central. So far, the book has sold more than 10.000 copies.

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Following the book’s success, a series of derivative products were made available to the public: plush toys, t-shirts, lunchboxes, pins, pens, hats, umbrellas… We will redesign the merchandising line and launch new products when the television series is released. We will also add a line of art supplies for children, so they can create their own art works with the Mironins’ products.

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ICEC (Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals) development grant and production grant

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Creative Europe Media - Single Project development grant

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