A transmedia project to learn art while having fun!
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A Tv Series

A journey into the world of Art
An animated series featuring six little drops of paint who scape from Joan Miro’s paintings to live frenetic -and slightly surreal- adventures in which their creativity will be put to the test. A madcap multicolored adventure full of humor and fantasy with which children will learn to develop their imagination.
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An Interactive Game

Playing with the Mironins
An interactive game related to the adventures in the series so that children can learn about Art and develope their creativity while having fun.
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An Augmented Reality App

The new museum guides
An interactive visit guide of Miró Museum in Barcelona, based in AR technologoy, which uses mironins characters as hosts.
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An activity book

Learning with Joan Miró
We have published the book “Mironins. A book for playing and learning with Joan Miró” with the publisher Gustavo Gili and the collaboration of the Joan Miró Foundation. It is available in 5 languages and has already sold over 7.000 copies.